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SMASH Partners Season 1 notice (#2) (Edited)

GM Cindy
2021.06.03 Thursday 20:13



Hi guys, it is SMASH LEGENDS.

The SMASH Partners Season 1 has begun last month!

After the announcement of the first partners of season 1, lots of Smashers have applied.

Now, here we are to inform you of the selected partners for June as below.

Also, together with the partners announcement this time, the exclusive profile icon will be sent to you. 

Please check the below details.


[SMASH Partners Season 1 notice (#2)]

Additional Partners
- Among those who have applied from May 1st till May 31st, total 15 Smashers have been selected.
- For 15 partners who have been chosen for the second round, you may check below game nickname.

SMASH partners activities 
Upload SMASH LEGENDS contents once every two weeks after you are selected.
* When you upload the video, please make sure to include [SMASH LEGENDS] in your video title.

SMASH partners perks
1) Seasonal SMASH Partners profile icons will be provided.
- We have sent the profile icon for those who have been selected previously and this time. (For May)
(You may claim them from June 3rd till June 9th 23:59 UTC+0)

2) SMASH partners coupons can be provided.
- If you need coupons, please let us know through in-game Support. We can support you with a coupon.

3) Additional perks for those who are selected as BEST partners.
- BEST 5 partners will be selected based on the number of views and internal criteria. Once you are selected as BEST 5 partners, you will have the opportunity to experience a pre-updated build.
- The videos SMASH partners created will be uploaded to the official community partner's board.
- The first BEST partners will be selected on June.

- SMASH partners operate on a seasonal basis. After the season end, if you want to be the partner continuously, you need to re-apply.
- The first SMASH partners will be effective from May 6th until June 30th (UTC+0).
- For season 1 SMASH partners, we will be accepting the application until May 30th (UTC+0). For the applications received from June 1st (UTC+0), it will be transferred to season 2.
- Partners profile icon will be provided through the mailbox and date&time will be notified later.
- When you are selected as SMASH partners, your videos can be used for marketing purposes.
- Partners who are not active during the season could be removed.
- The coupon for SMASH partners can be used by the partners only and you are not allowed to give those to others.
- The coupon for SMASH partners is available to use 1 time only per season per account during the partners activity period. (It cannot be used after the activity period is over)
   * Additional info added  on June 4th 02:35 (UTC+0)
- If we found that the coupon for SMASH partners was used for other accounts, it will be revoked accordingly. Also, you could be removed.
- Please be sure to write correct information when you apply! If you write wrong information, you will not be selected.


🎉Congratulations to all those who have been selected as the 1st official Smash Partners! 🎉

As a Smash partner, we hope you continuously love SMASH LEGENDS, and we are looking forward to your active participation.

In addition, for those who are interested in applying for the partners, please apply through our official channel.

Thank you!

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