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May 11th (Tue) Update notes (Edited)

GM Cindy
2021.05.10 Monday 21:00


Hi Smashers, it is SMASH LEGENDS. 

Here are all the changes you will see through the coming update in May. 11th (Tue).

Please see the details below.


⚡ NEW Update

Addition of a new Legend

- New legend ‘Snow’ is coming. 


🍎 Introducing Snow: An assassin legend with excellent avoiding and charging skills. You may utilize him with the ultimate and fancy combo skills.

🍎 Snow (Skill name edited)
1) Pierce (Basic attack) 
: Stabs foes in front, dealing. Attacks foes in front 2 times when used as Aerial Skill.

2)Whiteout (Skill)
: Quickly charges forward to attack a foe. Passes through the foe if the attack successfully hits

3)White Flash (Ultimate)
: Charges forward. Does not get knocked back when attacked during the charge.

🍎 Snow abilities 
1) Sharpness
 : Increases Basic Attack damage when either Ultimate or Skill is not available.
2) Blitz Blade
 : Increases the next Ground Skill damage after using Ultimate. This effect activates once every 15 s.
3) Secret Blow
 : Increases Ground Skill and decreases Skill cooldown by 0.2 s when Basic Attacks successfully hits a foe while HP is 35% or below.
4) Pursuit
 : Increases Movement Speed by 6% and Basic Attack damage by 8% until receiving damage, if no damage was received for 3 s.

🍎 How to obtain Snow
: For this SMASH season 2, Snow can be obtained only when you purchase SMASH Pass which is available with a 25th tier reward. 
: When SMASH season 2 is finished, Snow is obtainable from Bronze and above boxes.
: After SMASH season 2 is finished, Snow is obtainable from Special and Super special boxes.

✅ New Arena and map added
- A special arena that only opens during weekends has been added at the bottom of the existing Arena mode. 
: Special arena is only available during a specific time on weekends.
: Depending on the number of times the Special arena is played, an additional Key can be obtained. (Edited)

- As a special arena, ‘Harvest War’ mode has been added.

Available time: After an update on May 11th, every Saturday 07:00 (UTC+0)  till Monday 07:00 (UTC+0))

* Introducing Harvest War mode
: A new strain of Mandrake created as mysterious magic has appeared at magic bean field!
The Sage Society promised to give legends a high score to those who pick up the new strain of Mandrake.
Which caused a massive Harvest War to erupt at the Magic Bean Field to stop these plants!
Unfortunately, this noisy commotion made King Mandrak upset... Be safe everyone!

* Game rules 
: It is a 3v3 team battle, and the team with the highest score by acquiring Mandrak fruits from each team for a limited time wins.
: Three different kinds of Mandrak fruits will appear, and the number of points earned for defeating Mandrak fruits varies.
: If you defeat foes, some of the enemy team’s Mandrak points will be deducted. 

✅ SMASH Pass season two begins
- SMASH Pass regular season, [Season 2: Fight the Darkness!] begins.
: The season notification page is displayed when entering the Smash Pass screen for the first time.
: SMASH pass rewards items will be changed. The SMASH pass price has been changed to $12.99.
: You can acquire various items such as skins, profile icons, and fashion items by proceeding with the SMASH Pass.
: New legend, ‘Snow’ can be obtained from 25 tier in SMASH pass as a reward.

✅ New packages added 
- Since this update until June. 8t, below packages will be available in the shop.
  : Twinkle Package
  : Sparkle Package
  : Spectacular Package

 New emotes and profile icons added
- 11 new emotes are added.
  : SMASH Pass Season 2 emote x 2
  : Witch queen emote x 1
  : Snow emote x 8

- 5 new profile icons are added.
  : SMASH Pass Season 2 profile icon x 2
  : Witch queen profile icon x 1
  : Snow profile icon x 2

✅ New fashion items added
- 5 new fashion items are added.
: Revival Trail x 2 (Heroic Wings, Hero's Arrival!)
: SMASH Effect x 2 (Apple, Mirror)
: Final Blow x 1 (Mirror Breaker)

⚡ Changes and improvement

✅ Changes in Legends
- The movement speed reduction due to the debuff of all legends has been changed to only apply up to 70%.
- The movement speed increase due to the buff of all legends has been changed to apply only up to 150%.
- When some legends attack towards the outside of the map, they will rapidly slow down their speed, so they do not fall outside.
: Cindy, Kaiser, Ravi, Ducky and Swan, Alice
- Kaiser:  Slightly decreases the stun time when slamming the ground with Jump.
- Witch queen: When using skill and jump, the witch queen will not automatically aim at the target. 

✅ Daily Attendance changes
- Rewards of Daily Attendance will be changed.
: Now that it is changed, it will start from Day 1.

✅ SMASH Pass UI improvement
- If some rewards/quests are available in SMASH Pass, moving animation will be triggered.

✅ Quality of life improvements
- Now it will allow more time to enter direction change key right after attack for convenience.
- Improved sudden zoom in/out of camera focus when using a jumping pad in the battle. 

✅ Others
- Now you can control SFX/BGM/VOICE volume in the environmental setting.
- Ping display UI range has been changed.
- The word for ‘party’ in-game will now be changed to ‘Team’.

⚡  Bug fixes

✅ Legends
- Fixed an issue where some of the legends ignore gravity during the attack and keep on moving forward. It is modified to receive gravity even during an attack.
: Peter, Kaiser, Cindy, Hook, Alice, Ducky and Swan, Ravi, Snow
- Fixed an issue where some of the legends bounce when hitting a corner during a fast-moving attack. 
  : Cindy, Red, Ducky and Swan
- Fixed an issue where HP is displayed when enemy team Red is going into stealth while recovering HP.
- Fixed an issue where the foe is not being able to move when the Witch Queen skills are stacked.
- Fixed an issue where the shadows are not displayed when wearing Witch Queen’s ‘Visitor from Dark Witch Queen’ skin.
- Fixed an issue where the shadows of glasses were cut off on some Alice skins.
- Fixed an issue that occurs when using Cindy's ultimate, the attack from the air sometimes does not apply to the foe. 
- Fixed an issue where Ravi's third attack motion was unnatural after jumping.
- Fixed an issue where some of the legends’ fashion preview was not working as intended.

✅ Arena
- Fixed an issue where the Arena Change Time text did not match the actual time.
- Fixed an issue where ‘competition and dominating the point’ text on Dominion mode was not displayed.
- Fixed an issue where legends were defeated when hung on specific terrain on certain maps in Duel and Team Deathmatch.
- Fixed an issue where a legend is not being defeated at once (though it should) when touching the jumping pad.

✅ Others
- Fixed an issue where legend skin was not applied properly on the fashion effect preview screen
- Fixed an issue where a legend goes out of the map sometimes during Revival Trail preview.
- Fixed an issue where medals are being deducted sometimes for abnormal matches.
- Fixed an issue where the selection button was cut off when selecting profile icons/emotes that are located at the very bottom.
- Fixed an issue where the invitation link sometimes did not work properly on AOS devices
- Fixed an issue where the name text of some abilities and legends are cut off or line breaks.
- Fixed an issue where the list of shop items was not displayed depending on the internet speed.
- Fixed an issue where the network was disconnected as well as an issue where there was no response when touching the screen.
- Fixed an issue where the game gets disconnected right before the result screen showing network error upon re-starting the game.
- Fixed an issue where the game gets stuck at 80% loading screen after matchmaking. Now when this happens, the game will automatically restart.


The above details are subject to change due to an unexpected issue.

Thank you! 😍

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